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The Castle Hotel
44 ensuite rooms: Singles from £108, Doubles from £165
AA: 3 Red Stars; 3 Rosettes
RAC: Gold Ribbon; 4 Dining Awards
Michelin Red Guide: 3 Red Turrets (hotel); 1 Michelin Star (restaurant)
'Best Restaurant Out-of London 2002' - Tatler Magazine
Site quote: "one of the 20 best eating-houses in the country"
Active Hotels site
The Corner House (Hatton Hotels)
28 rooms: Standard £55.00, Large £63.00 (per night)
2 stars; 19th Century
Active Hotels site
Smooth-Hound Systems site
Express by Holiday Inn Blackbrook Business Park (Active Hotels site)
86 rooms: Doubles from £46
3 Stars
Holiday Inn M5, Junction 25 (Avaweb site)
From £40
3 Stars
Rumwell Manor Hotel
20 ensuite rooms: Singles from £67, Doubles from £96, Family Room £127
3 Stars; 19th Century; Blackdown Restaurant,
Conference facilities, Functions, Civil Wedding ceremonies
Smooth-Hound Systems site
Travelodge M5, Junction 25 (Avaweb site)
From £25
3 Stars

guest accommodation

Blorenge House (Guest House / B&B)
24 rooms: Singles from £29, Doubles from £48, Family room £75
Heated oudoor pool
4 Diamonds
Smooth-Hound Systems site
Brookfield House (Smooth-Hound Systems site)
8 ensuite rooms: Singles from £30, Doubles from £45, Family room from £60
4 Diamonds
Meryan House Hotel Bishop's Hull
12 ensuite rooms: Singles from £49, Double from £60, Honeymoon Room from £85
4 Diamonds; over 400 years old; winner of 'Taunton in Bloom' Best Hotel
Active Hotels site
Smooth-Hound Systems site
Old Manor Farmhouse Norton Fitzwarren (Smooth-Hound Systems site)
4 rooms: Singles from £35, doubles from £48
Orchard House (Smooth-Hound Systems site)
6 rooms: Singles from £35, Doubles from £55
4 Diamonds
Salisbury House Hotel (Active Hotels site)
24 rooms, Doubles from £52
4 Diamonds
Yallands Farmhouse B&B, Staplegrove
7 ensuite rooms: Doubles from £25 (single occupancy from £35), Family Room from £62
4 Diamonds; 16th Century Grade 2 Listed Building
Smooth-Hound Systems site

hotel guides

Avaweb UK Hotel & Travel Guide: Taunton page
5 establishments
Hotels-England: Taunton Hotels
7 establishments
Hotels in Taunton
11 establishments
HotelLink: Hotels, Guest Houses and B&Bs in Taunton
9 establishments
Needabreak Taunton pages
23 establishments
Smooth Hound: Accommodation in Taunton
32 establishments
TourUK: Taunton page
12 establishments
Venere: Taunton page
36 hotels, 50 guest houses, 29 farm homes and 50 inns listed (most outside Taunton)
VisitUs Taunton pages
62 establishments (most outside Taunton)

Site quote: "all entries in the Knowhere Guide are the opinions of its users. The Knowhere Guide is a compilation of (unedited) information and views.... We make no claims as to the accuracy of the information in the Guide - our only purpose is to provide a forum for users to share their knowledge and opinions. So please keep a large bag of salt handy and be prepared to read between the lines."

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