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Somerset County Gazette
This is the West Country: Taunton page
Taunton Local News Scene
Includes bulletin boards for people to get in touch with long-lost Tauntonians
Taunton Times
From the This is Somerset site
Taunton TV
The station (and website) is no more, but this early effort seems to have been forgotten


BBCi Taunton page
Current observations & 5-day forecast
Met Office
West Country 3 day forecast
OnlineWeather Taunton page
4 day forecast
Richard Huish College
Current local weather conditions - last 3 or 7 days - data/statistics - satellite images - weathercam
Weather Channel Taunton page
Current conditions & 10 day forecast - satellite image
Weather Underground Dunkeswell forecast
Weekly forecast, moon phases and link to star charts for closest station to Taunton
Yahoo! Taunton page
Today's details & 4-day forecast

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